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SunGreen Eco Solvent InkAs environmental friendliness is becoming more and more important, Sunmicro Ink has introduced a pure environmental friendly Eco Solvent Ink, ‘Sun Green Eco’ after a lengthy development period and successful extended field trials.

Sunmicro Green Eco has been developed to be a true environmentally friendly, odourless Eco Solvent Ink without any harmful chemicals whilst saving the functions of traditional solvent inks such as long outdoor durability and strong ink adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

KEY ADVANTAGES – Eco Solvent Ink
  • Pure environmental friendliness without harmful chemicals, Cyclohexanone,Benzene,Toluene,Xylene & Isophorone.
  • Outstanding high density colour with a wide colour gamut.
  • Superior and stable ink flow without clogging securing long life for printheads.
  • Optimized ink adhesion on coated and uncoated substrates.
  • Long outdoor durability with strong water, UV and scratch resistance.
  • Odourless unlike solvent ink & no allergic reaction.

Sunmicro Green Eco Solvent Ink has been developed and formulated to maximise the performance of large format printers and has good compatibilty with original OEM eco solvent inks such as Roland, Mimaki & Mutoh.