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Sunmicro Ink - Eco Solvent InkSunmicro Ink isa leading manufacturer and distributor
of next generation, premium digital printing inks based
on state of the art technology, skilful research personnel
and the latest chemical technology.

In the pursuit of increased customer satisfaction for environmental
friendliness and perfect natural colour, Sunmicro Ink continues
to research and develop high quality inks for a diverse range
of applications from large format high resolution printing to
grand format outdoor printing.

Sunmicro Ink perfectly meets global trends and the demands
of a rapidly changing digital print industry through experienced
know-how and accumulated technology based on our continual
research and development programme.


Nano-Pigment Ink
technology out of
independently developed
ink dispersion and
refinement technologies.

Highly purified and
high quality dye ink
technology out of compoundment
and refinement of Inkjet
dye technologies.

Independently developed
Novel Formulation.

Currently, as environmental friendliness has become of great importance due to the harmfulness to health and more stringent regulations, Sunmicro Ink continues to invest in research and development to convert existing solvent ink to a new and environmentally oriented ink, setting a new global standard for true and real Eco Solvent Ink.

Sunmicro Ink’s Sungreen Eco is a perfect Eco Solvent Ink solution for eco solvent printers such as Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh, providing full compatibility with costly original OEM
ink cartridges, achieving excellent quality at a lower cost.

To accomplish the success of our worldwide distribution network Sunmicro Ink persues an aggressive investment programme and a continued effort to become a world leader in the
digital printing ink industry.